Biscuit mixes

Delicious mixes to easily prepare petits-fours and small traditional biscuits.

Unipâtis - Préparation crêpes

Pancake mix

No need to stand, can be used immediately.

Unipâtis - Macarons lisses


Preparation for smooth shells of macaroons.

Unipâtis - Biscuit Génoise chocolat

Chocolate sponge cake

Variant of the sponge cake, with genuine chocolate taste.

Unipâtis - Biscuit Génoise classique

Traditional sponge cake

Authentic taste and texture, easy to use.

Unipâtis - Biscuit Joconde

Mona Lisa cake

Moist and tender biscuit.

Unipâtis - Sucre barbe à papa rose

Pink candy floss sugar

Coloured sugar for candy floss. Can be used to colour cakes.

Unipâtis - Préparation crêpes de sarrasin

Buckwheat pancake mix

100 % buckwheat. No need to stand, can be used immediately.

Unipâtis - Pâte à choux

Choux pastry

To bake éclairs, chouquettes and cream puffs.

Unipâtis - Fondant au chocolat

Chocolate fondant

58 % couverture chocolate-based

Unipâtis - Cupcake


Mix for moist and golden cupcakes.

Unipâtis - Meringue italienne

Italian meringue

Mix for Italian meringue, apply with piping bag.

Unipâtis - Meringue française

French meringue

Mix for French or dry meringue.

Unipâtis - Financier

Financier cake

Pure almond-based.

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Use these preparations to prepare delicious petits-fours and enchanting delicacies. Easy and quick to use.