Good to look at, good to taste & easy to use! These edible decorations encourage creativity and give the final touch to set off your cakes.

Unipâtis - Pastillage

Cold process sugar coating

Malleable modelling paste with pleasant vanilla flavour.

Unipâtis - Pâte à sucre rouge

Red sugar paste

Modeling paste with a soft texture to cover and decorate ceremony cakes. Its red-passion color is vibrant.

Unipâtis - Cacao en poudre 20/22

Cacao en poudre 20/22

To be used in coating, dusting or flavoring.

Unipâtis - Éclats de caramel

Caramel chips

Isigny caramel with salted butter and Guérande salt.

Unipâtis - Velours coloré

cocoa colouring agent

Based of cocoa butter. Perfect to decorate the surface of moulded chocolates. Colours: white, blue, orange, pink, red, yellow, chocolate, pistachio green.

Unipâtis - Grué de cacao

Cocoa nibs

Roasted and crushed cocoa beans.

unipâtis - Préparation fondant couleur

Colored icing mix

Powder preparation to glaze éclair, choux pastry and millefeuille. Colors : white, red, blue, coffee, pink, purple, yellow, green.

Unipâtis - Colle alimentaire

Edible glue

Edible glue based on natural gums.

Unipâtis - Isomalt


Sweetener ideal for sugar art, blown, pulled and cast. Also limits the humidity absorption by the confectionery.

Unipâtis - Préparation dentelle

Lace mix

Powder mix to produce delicate laces.

Modelling chocolate

Chocolate-based highly flexible modelling paste. Available in dark and ivory chocolate.

Unipâtis - Sucre perlé

Pearl sugar

To decorate your chouquettes, withstands humidity.

Pink praline chips

Crushed praline. Contains 40 % almonds.

Unipâtis - Sucre tiré

Pulled sugar

Mix for sugar art, ribbons.

unipâtis - Glace royale

Royal icing

Edible mix to cover cake supports and bases of pièces montées.

Unipâtis - Sucre neige

Snow sugar

Mild and mellow, withstands humidity and freezing.

Unipâtis - Brisures de speculoos

Speculoos crumble

Real crushed speculoos.

Unipâtis - Pâte à écrire cacao

Writing paste

Use with a cornet to customise your cakes. Supple texture, chocolate flavour. 20/22 cocoa powder: use as coating, flavouring or sprinkled on.

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Decorations for each occasion : sweet chips crumbled biscuit to sprinkle or use as inclusions, sugar or chocolate decorations.