Crunchy Chocolate Fillings

Crispy chocolate interiors made with pure cocoa butter chocolate and spangled biscuit.

Crunchy Dark Praline Hazelnut Filling

The rich flavor of dark chocolate softened by the sweetness of the praline

Crunchy Coffee chocolate filling

Intense coffee flavour, crispiness enhanced by cocoa bean chips.

Crunchy Caramel filling

With Isigny caramel chips

Crunchy Fizzy Milk chocolate Praline

Explodes in the mouth, producing a festive sparkling effect.

Crunchy Milk Chocolate Almond Hazelnut filling

The essential almond and hazelnut crunchy, with a pronounced taste.

Crunchy White Chocolate filling

A crispy white chocolate filling, sweet and tasty, without palm oil.

Crunchy Peanut filling

Inspired by Chef Christophe Felder's recipe

Crunchy Pecan Caramelized filling

The irresistible combination of chocolate and caramelized pecan nuts

Crunchy Nougat of Montelimar filling

With Montélimar nougat chips.

Crunchy Pistachio filling

The crispiness is enhanced by the roasted pistachio nuts

Crunchy Speculoos filling

The crumbled speculoos give an authentic flavour.

Crunchy Sesame Filling

With roasted sesame seeds

Crunchy Cashew filling

Crunchy fruit and a sweetness and delicious taste in the mouth

Crunchy Coconut Meringue filling

A refreshing and exotic filling made with coconut and meringue chips

Crunchy Passion Fruit filling

Exotic, light and fruity flavour.

Crunchy Lemon Yuzu Meringue filling

The refreshing bitterness of the citrus fruits is balanced by the softness of the meringue chips.

Crunchy Fizzy Raspberry filling

Explodes in the mouth, producing a festive sparkling effect.

Crunchy Raspberry filling

100 % fruit flavour and colour, no colorants or aromas.

Crunchy Strawberry filling

100 % strawberry fruit flavour and colour, no colorants or aromas.

Crunchy Orange Chocolate Filling

The spicy and bitter notes of orange, balanced by the sweetness of chocolate.

Crunchy Banana Peanut filling

The pairing of banana and peanut brings a refined flavour and a delicious taste in the mouth.

Crunchy Apple Calvados filling

Normandy invites itself with this sweet mix of white chocolate, fresh apple cubes and Calvados!

Crunchy Rhum Grape filling

Our crunchy rum raisin is a blend of dark chocolate, dark raisins macerated in rum, the taste of the West Indies and the old-fashioned flavor of northern countries.

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Our wide range of fillings will satisfy every idea and taste : smooth ganaches, pure fruit and crispy fillings.
Ready to use, they are ideal to garnish sweets, tarts and biscuits, or to use as crunchy inserts for entremets.