An essential baking ingredient, icings give the final touch to decorate your cakes.

Caramel Pearly glaze

Gourmet shade of dark caramel.

Sweet Pink glaze

Bright pink, natural colorant.

Coffee glaze

Coffee colour with shades of amber.

Dark Cocoa glossy glaze

Black glaze with intense brilliance.

Ivory glaze

Couverture chocolate icing. Smooth with a hint of vanilla.

Milk chocolate glaze

Couverture chocolate icing. Smooth and milky.

Black Gloss 35% glaze

Couverture chocolate icing. Dark chocolate 35 %.

Dark Cocoa chocolate glaze

Unipatis’ lustrous strongest chocolate glaze. Extremely dark and glossy, with a fluid texture and a pronounced cocoa taste.

Coconut Pearly glaze

Creamy and delicious coconut glaze

Coco Pacific Blue Pearl Glaze

Travel to the Tropics with this glossy blue coconut glaze

Pistachio Pearly glaze

Smooth, pistachio green icing.

Dark Shea butter Opera icing

With Shea butter, no palm oil.

Ivory Opera icing

Matt fondant ivory icing

Dark Opera icing - UTZ

Matt black fondant icing, UTZ certified.

Green Matcha Opera icing

Matt icing in the colour of matcha green tea

Pink Strawberry Opera icing

Matt frosting coloured strawberry pink

Opaline neutral icing

Translucent and glossy.

Yellow Yuzu Pearly glaze

Very tasty, based on white chocolate and dairy cream, can also be used in ganache.

Green Matcha Pearly glaze

Pearly and glossy green tea colored glaze for desserts, mousses, bavarois and ice cream.

Vanilla Pearly Glaze

Brilliant with the intense taste of vanilla

All Chocolate Opera icing

All chocolate cocoa butter frosting, palm oil free

Red Opera icing

A melting texture, matt effect with a white chocolate base.

Coconut Blue Opera icing

A harmonious shade of blue with a melting texture to enhance your desserts.

Yellow Yuzu Opera icing

A unique shade of yellow with a sparkling velvet pearl effect

Apricot Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit apricot glossy glaze

Blackcurrant Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit blackcurrant glossy glaze

Dark Cherry Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit black cherry glossy glaze

Lemon Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit lemon glossy glaze

Fig Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit fig glossy glaze

Strawberry Pure Fruit glaze

Strawberry pure fruit glossy glaze

Manguo Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit manguo glossy glaze

Blueberry Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit blueberry glossy glaze

Passion Fruit Pure Fruit glaze

Passion pure fruit glossy glaze

Coconut Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit coconut glossy glaze

Tangerine Pure Fruit glaze

Pure fruit tangerine glossy glaze

Ruby Raspberry Pure Fruit glaze

Rich in raspberry, this glaze has a deep and brilliant color.

Amber Caramel glaze

Caramel glaze to make your desserts even more delicious

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All our glazes are ready to use, quick and easy to use. Their stable texture allow a clean cut on all types of support : rectangles, spheres, pyramids, domes, log.
Suitable for freezing and deep freezing, without loss in taste and without cracking.