Technical products

Selection of cooking aids, to guarantee product texture, conservation and stability.

Inverted sugar

Stabiliser. Makes the mixes smoother and prevents them from drying.

Glucose syrup

Glucose sous fGlucose in syrup form.orme de sirop.


Gelling agent powder. Several pectins available: pectin for fruit paste, jam or toppin

Powdered gelatin

Food-quality gelatin. Halal beef.

Powdered glucose

Dehydrated glucose.

Cocoa butter pellets

Pure cocoa butter pellets.

Powered egg whites

Pasteurized powered egg whites

Baking powder

Powdered yeast.


Soluble stabiliser. Retains moisture.

Ice cream texturiser

Improves the texture of the ice creams, makes them smoother with greater overrun.

Ice cream & sorbet anticrystalliser

Avoids crystallisation and delays melting.

Powdered citric acid

To be added to the mixes. Odourless and colourless.

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This selection of technical products guarantee product texture, taste or increase their shelf-life.