Dark Cocoa glossy glaze

Black glaze with intense brilliance.


Glossy glaze made of dark chocolate and cocoa powder.
Gelled with fruit pectin.


The finished glaze is stable once set and it slices perfectly on all kind of supports (domes, logs).
Suitable for freezing without cracking. Ultimate lasting gloss.
High Quality product.


Ready to use.
Heat to 45-50°C in double boiler or by microwave in defrost mode.
It is best to mix carefully before use to increase the gloss.
Once the glaze flows from a spoon, pour onto the center of the cake.
Use on frozen desserts (no frost) or use an icing spatula to smooth the top and sides
and to remove any excess. Refrigerate to set.


Keep in a cool dry place at room temperature (max. 20°C).
Keep away from light and strong smells.
8 months sealed / keep remaining product refrigerated and use within 3 weeks of opening.


Sealed buckets of 1kg, 2kg or 6kg.

Glossy chocolates glazes

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