Classic blond glaze -Dilution 10 % to 20 %.

Neutral concentrated coating


Traditional concentrated glaze for fruit tart, hot process.

Dilution 10 to 20%.

Colours: Blond


Easy and quick to use, rapid gelling and holds on all types of supports (domes, logs…).

Very glossy, it brightens and protects the fruit against oxidation and dehydration. It keeps the same shine even after freezing.


Add 10-20% water or fruit juice to the glaze.
Heat over low heat until boiling (do not let boil).
Let it rest for 2 minutes before applying with a brush. May be heated several times.


Keep away from light and moisture at room temperature.

12 months sealed / Keep remaining product refrigerated. Use within 3 weeks after opening.


2 or 6 Kg pails

Our products are solde within many packaging from 1kg packet to 15kg bucket.

Concentrated glazes

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