Cold process sugar coating

Malleable modelling paste with pleasant vanilla flavour.

Unipâtis - Pastillage


Powder mix to sculpt, geometric decorations, figures, leaves and small objects.


The Dries and hardens quickly. Withstands humidity and last very long. Edible product although not a sweet.


Dissolve 1kg of powder mix in 100 to 110g of water. Mix with a batter then work and roll out manually, with a roller or by using molds. It hardens in 1-2 hours


Keep in a cool dry place at room temperature (min. 15°C / 59 ºF max. 20°C / 68 ºF).


Sealed pails, 2 kg and 4 kg

Our products are solde within many packaging from 1kg packet to 15kg bucket.

Cake decorations

also like


Sugar paste

Palm oil free sugar paste with vanilla flavour and pure colours.


Royal icing

Edible mix to cover cake supports and bases of pièces montées.


Modelling chocolate

Chocolate-based highly flexible modelling paste. Available in dark and ivory chocolate.