Crunchy Cashew filling

Crunchy fruit and a sweetness and delicious taste in the mouth

Unipâtis - Croustillants - Les origines


Crunchy filling based on 36% milk chocolate (white and dark chocolate pure cocoa butter),pastry spangled biscuit, caramelized hazelnuts and roasted cashew paste (33%)
Free of palm oil and colouring.


Ready to use, quick to implement.
Suitable for freezing and deep-freezing, remains crispy.


Eclair filling

1. Cut the crisp to about 5 mm thick using an éclair cutter.
2. Place the crisp at the bottom of the éclair.
3. Fill the éclair.

Chocolate sticks

1. Mould or etc
2. … Cut.
3. Coat with chocolate.

Biscuit insert & Ice cream insert

1. Heat gently.
2. Spread on a tray betwen two sheets of greaseproof paper.
3. Allow to cool for a few moments in the freezer.
4. Cut.


Keep in a cool and dry place (between 10-25°C). Keep away from light. 12 months sealed.


Sealed buckets 1 kg and 4 kg.

Crunchy Chocolate Fillings

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