Dessert gel

Gelling mix for mousse cake.

Unipâtis - Gelée dessert


Preparation powder for bavarian creams, creams and mousses. Preparation for mousses, bavarians and charlottes. Can be made from different gelatins :
Pork / beef / fish / vegetal.
Kosher and Halal certification upon request.


The mousse sets slowly to allow time assembling cakes or desserts.
Light, homogeneous and frothy texture. Taste does not alter fruits fragrances or syrups.
Can be used cold or heated.Made only from vegetable gelatin. Halal Kosher Parve product.
NB: 100g of Mousse cake serves 18.


100g Mousse cake preparation for 1kg fruit puree and 1kg whipped cream (50% dairy cream – 50% vegetable cream). Mix fruit puree and Gel Dessert, Heat to 80°C and cool down to 55/60°C while stirring continuously. Blend delicately in two times the whipped cream.
Garnish the moulds or the pastries and refrigerate 24H to obtain the right consistancy :
firm, light and frothy.

100g Mousse cake for 1kg of light custard cream and 1kg whipped cream (50% dairy cream-
50% vegetable cream). Bring milk to a complete boil. Stir in the Gel Dessert.
Add in the sugar and egg yolks mix. Heat to 80°C and cool down to 60°C while stirring continuously. Blend in delicately the whipped cream in two or three times.
Refrigerate at least 24H to obtain the right consistancy : firm, light and frothy.


Keep in a cool dry place (min. 10°C – max 25°C).
This product is moist sensitive, seal remaining product after use.
18 months sealed / keep remaining product sealed and use within 2 months of opening.


Pail 2kg / 25kg. Case 5kg / 10kg.

Our products are solde within many packaging from 1kg packet to 15kg bucket.

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