Ivory glaze

Couverture chocolate icing. Smooth with a hint of vanilla.


Hot process chocolate glaze for entremets, bavarians, creams, and mousses. Can also be used as ganache.


The glaze is stable once set and slices perfectly on all kind of support (Logs, Domes…)
Suitable for freezing and deep freezing with an ultimate lasting gloss


Ready to use. Heat to 45°C (113 ºF) in double boiler or by microwave in defrost mode.
It is best to mix before using to highlight the gloss. Once the glaze flows from a spoon, pour onto the center of the cake (no frost), if not frozen, use an icing spatula to smooth the top and sides and to remove any excess.
To avoid condensation, put the cake at room temperature a few minutes before glazing. Refrigerate to set.


Keep in a cool dry place at room temperature (min. 15°C / 59 ºF max. 20°C / 68 ºF).
Keep away from light and strong smells.


Sealed pails, 2 kg and 6 kg

Our products are solde within many packaging from 1kg packet to 15kg bucket.

Glossy chocolates glazes

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Chocolate maker’s glaze

Couverture chocolate icing. Dark chocolate 35 %.


Milk chocolate glaze

Couverture chocolate icing. Smooth and milky.


Black glossy glaze

Black glaze with intense brilliance.


Red velvet finish

Passion red colour