Opaline neutral icing

Translucent and glossy.


Hot process neutral glaze for entremets, bavarians, creams, fruit pies and mousses.


Sets quickly. Perfectly suitable for freezing and deep-freezing while keeping the same steady brillant.Very stable texture on all types of shape (bell, log, etc)


Ready to use. Melt at 45 ° / 50 ° C in a water bath or microwave in defrost mode.
Spread with a spatula smoothing one pallet movement or flow of the frozen desserts (with no icing)


Store in a dark, dry place at ambient temperature (10-25 °C). Keep cold after opening.


Sealed pails, 2 kg and 6 kg

Our products are solde within many packaging from 1kg packet to 15kg bucket.

Neutral glazes

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Himalaya neutral glaze – ready to use

The remarkable brilliance of the neutral Himalaya glaze elegantly enhances the finish of all desserts.


Ivory glaze

Couverture chocolate icing. Smooth with a hint of vanilla.


Black glossy glaze

Black glaze with intense brilliance.