Sweet pink chocolate glaze

Bright pink, natural colorant.


Glossy glaze for entremets, mousses, bavarois and ice-cream.
Made with delicious white chocolate and dairy cream. Its shiny pink colour is perfect for bringing a touch of freshness and elegance to entremets

Unctuous, it can also be used as a ganache for tarts or chocolate sweets.


Quick and easy to use.

Stable texture allows for a clean cut on all types of supports (domes, Yule logs).
Perfectly suited for freezing and deep-freezing: keeps the same shine


Ready to use, hot process:
Melt at 45° / 50°C in a bain-marie or microwave in thaw mode, then spread with a spatula.


Protected from light and moisture, in a cool room (max. 20°C). Sensitive to strong odours.

8 months closed packaging / 3 weeks in the cold after opening.


2 or 6 Kg pails

Our products are solde within many packaging from 1kg packet to 15kg bucket.

Glossy chocolates glazes

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