Caramel & sesame log

2h Serves 6 persons

You will need

  • Creamy caramel insert : 50 g sugar, 55 g salted butter, 30 g milk, 30 g cream, 20 g egg yolk, 2 g agar agar.
  • Milk chocolate mousse : 150 g milk chocolate, 10 cL liquid cream, 20 cL liquid cream (min. 30 % fat), 4 g agar agar.
  • 200 g sesame crisp
  • Black gloss glaze

1 Creamy caramel insert

Dry caramelise the sugar in a pan. As soon as it turns a pretty golden colour, remove from the heat and add 15 g of butter to stop further cooking. Return to medium heat and add the milk/cream/yolk/agar agar mixture previously warmed in the microwave oven. Heat to 85 °C and leave for another 2 minutes for the agar agar to set properly. Remove from the heat and allow to cool to 35 °C before incorporating the rest of the butter. Pour the creamy mixture into a mould with insert. Place in the freezer for about 1 h.

2 Milk chocolate mousse

Break the milk chocolate into small pieces, then melt in a water bath. Heat the 10 cL of liquid cream in a pan with the agar agar. Add the milk chocolate to the preparation. Put aside at room temperature. Whip the 20 cL of liquid cream until stiff then blend in the two preparations once the chocolate mixture has cooled.

3 Sesame crisp

Heat the crisp gently in a microwave oven or water bath, then spread it on a tray (layer about 10 mm thick). Place in the refrigerator. Cut the crisp with a cutter or a knife, slightly narrower than the width of your log. Keep in the refrigerator.

4 Black gloss glaze

Ready to use. Melt in a water bath at 45-50 ºC or in a microwave oven, thawing mode. Pour onto the frozen entremets (no frost). To prevent condensation on the glaze, take out the frozen entremets a few minutes before applying the glaze.

5 Finishing and decoration

Pour ⅔ of the milk chocolate mousse into a log mould then immerse the frozen insert. Pour on the rest of the mousse and add the sheet of sesame crisp on top. Smooth the surface with a spatula and freeze the entremets for at least 12 h. Take the frozen entremets out of the mould, place on a grid, remove the frost and pour on the glaze. Place the entremets in the refrigerator for a few hours, take out at least 30 min before eating.