Matcha opera

1h30 Serves 6 persons

You will need

  • Joconde biscuit: 1 egg, 45g almond powder, 43h icing suger, 2g matcha tea, 10g wheat flour, 35g egg white, 14g caster sugar, 9g melted butter
  • The Sirup: 40g caster sugar, 63g water, 3g matcha
  • Mascarpon cream: 50g caster sugar, 3g matcha tea, 50ml of whole liquid cream, 150g mascarpone, 4 tbsp cocoa powder
Opera Matcha icing is an innovative product that Unipâts offers. It is palm oil free, melts when cut and does not break. This recipe is valid for 6 petits fours and has been modernized with mascarpone cream instead of butter cream.

1 Joconde biscuit

Preheat the oven to 220°C.

Whisk together the egg, almond powder and icing sugar.

Add the flour and matcha tea to the mixture and stir again.

Make a meringue in a food processor, beat the egg whites, pouring in the caster sugar little by little.

Add the meringue to the first mixture. Incorporate it delicately with the help of a maryse so as not to make the egg whites fall back. Add the melted butter and stir again.

Spread the preparation on a baking tray covered with baking paper or Silpat sheet.

Place in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes, keeping a close eye on the cooking.

2 The Sirup

In a small saucepan, bring the water, sugar and matcha tea to a boil and wait for the syrup to cool.

The syrup will be used to soak each layer of Joconde biscuit.

3 Mascarpon cream

In a food processor, put the sugar, cream, mascarpone and whip into a whipped cream.

Then divide the cream in half and incorporate the cocoa powder in one half and the matcha in the other half.

4 Opéra Matcha assembly

Cut the sponge cake with a cookie cutter (here square). You will have to cut 6 squares and cut them in half to obtain 12 squares.

Line each bottom of the sponge cake with stretch film in 3 cutters. Put a Mona Lisa biscuit base in each cookie cutter. Soak in syrup with a brush. Put a layer of matcha cream by pressing down well with a small spatula, put another layer of biscuit, soak again, put a layer of cocoa cream and repeat the same operations until the end as on the photos .

Freeze the operas. Take them out of the freezer 10 minutes before icing them with the matcha icing that has been previously melted in a bain- marie. Put the operas back in the fridge for 2 minutes. Cut them cleanly with a sharp knife. For the opera falls, it is possible to make cake pops!

5 Confection and assembly

Pictures of the 4 parts

  • The joconde biscuit
  • The sirup
  • Mascarpon cream
  • Opera glaze

and assembly are visible in the attached pdf document:

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