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Tradition Unipatis

Artisanal tradition

For the artisan, the ready-made baking mixes are easy to use and based on artisanal recipes. For an authentic taste and practical implementation.

Unipatis Livraison

Fast delivery

To respond promptly to orders, the stock management unit and regular maintenance of the warehouse guarantee constant stock levels. Orders can thus be shipped as quickly as possible.

Unipatis packaging

Flawless packaging

All products are packaged meticulously, with a neat and clear labeling.

Unipatis Communication

Versatile communication tools

To support retailer in the product distribution to craftsmen, Unipâtis provides them with a set of tools for every needs : graphic support (recipe cards, promotional visuals …) or samples.

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Proud of its tradition and expertise, Unipâtis dedicates a part of its production
to retailers for artisan pastry chefs.