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Daily pick-up to France and Europ

For France and Europe

– An exclusive logistics partnership with the specialist in the transport of food products at controlled temperatures: the STEF group.

– National coverage with optimal delivery times under controlled temperature (-25°C to +15°C).

– A daily pick-up for all of France and Europe with a dedicated digital platform to schedule, monitor and control our deliveries in real time.

Delivery times

Day A / Day B

Day A / Day C

For large export

– Holder of the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification, in partnership with the customs, to secure international exchanges and ensure the reliability of the supply chain. Our approved exporter number is the following: FR00720/0183. We are also EORI registered.

– Stowage training to optimize the loading of our products in reefer or dry containers depending on the products.

– Customized stowage solutions (pallet position, cushioning, straps, blocking nets, safety bands), NMPI treated pallets, isothermal covers, humidity absorbing bags, temperature recorder for the duration of the trip.

– Bilingual documents (packing list, invoice with customs code, export certificate, health certificate, certificate of origin…). Registered with the FDA to facilitate the export of our products. Registration number: 11787043082.