Red Pearly Velvet for Spray Gun

Finishing product giving a pearly cocoa powder effect for entremets, Christmas cakes and ice cream.

Based on cocoa butter chocolate, with a touch of beeswax (confectioner’s coating agent) to improve the velvet pearl effect and to increase the melting point in order to better protect the finish of your desserts (demarcation, handling marks). Naturally colored with vegetables (fruits & vegetables) to give your creations some pep.

Perfectly suited for freezing and deep-freezing without cracking the icing. Contains only naturally colored cocoa butter: does not alter the taste of your entremet Very high melting point (40°C) du to the beeswax which protects your entremets. Avoids the microbiological risks associated with the use of pure cocoa powder.

1. Start by building a plastic or cardboard box to protect your work area. Spraying is a very volatile and messy technique. 2. Temper the glaze in the oven or water bath to 50-55° C. Also remember to heat your equipment. 3. Spray the velvet on a frozen mousse. The temperature difference will create the pearl effect. 4. Spray at 20-30 cm and in a thin layer. If the spray is too close, it will not be homogeneous and may loosen the mousse.

Protect from light and humidity, at room temperature (min. 15°C - max. 25°C). 1 year in unopened package. 3 weeks after opening.

Pails 1kg or 5kg.

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