Hot Caramel Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate dessert sauce for ice cream, profiteroles, Belle Hélène pears, crèpes, pancakes…
Based on dark chocolate pure cocoa butter without other vegetable fats and salted butter caramel.
No palm oil, no coloring agents, no GMOs.

Hot use. Black, round and velvety. Strong chocolate taste. No palm oil, coloring agents or GMOs. Covers your desserts without slipping and without melting the ice cream.

Ready to use, fluid sauce at 30°C. Heat in a bain-marie, in a topping machine or in the microwave in a suitable container. Use while hot.

Keep away from light and humidity, at room temperature (min. 15°C - max. 25°C). 18 months in unopened package. 3 weeks in cold storage after opening.

Sealed pails 1kg

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