Royal Decoration Mix – to cover polystrene basis

Powder preparation for masking polystyrene or plastic bases,
of mounted pieces, showpieces and buffets, entremets, icing, petits fours.

Can be spread with a palette to mask the entire base of mounted pieces. Or can be used in writing and decorations with a horn or ornaments made with fine decorating sockets (flowers, ribbons, etc...). For cleaning displays, simply run in hot water.

Mix 500 g of powdered Royal Icing with 100 g of water. Beat with mixer for 3 minutes and garnish immediately. Soft consistency to be worked with a spatula or plastic bag.

Protect from light and humidity, at room temperature (10-25°C). 18 months closed packaging / 2 months at room temperature after opening.

Pail 1kg or 4kg

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